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Internal hubs

We’re North London’s internal hub specialist.

Our company specialises on Sturmey Archer products.

We can repair, adjust or replace a Sturmey Archer internal hub with reasonable prices.

In addition to that we can order and provide you with any kind of component of this brand.

Our mechanics are very experienced and trustworthy when it comes to internal hub servicing so if you have this kind of gear system there is nothing to worry about. Just come to our shop with your bike and we will tell you exactly how much it will cost and how long it will take.

Besides Sturmey Archer we can repair also Shimano Nexus internal hubs.

If you have “slippy” gears and you feel that they don’t shift as they should then we can adjust it and you will have your bicycle back in the same day. If the hub is very damaged we can fully disassemble it, clean it, put it back on and adjust it from the beginning. Even though the internal hub gear systems are more “tricky” than regular ones we try our best to repair them as fast as we can so you will be pleased because we know that days without cycling can be frustrating and boring.


Sturmey Archer Service
Dissasemble the internal hub.
Lubricate with special Sturmey Archer grease.
Reassemble the internal hub system.
Readjust the gears.
Shimano Nexus/Alfine
Disassemble the internal hub.
Lubricate with special Shimano lube.
Reassemble the internal hub system.
Readjust gears.