118 Junction Road, London, N19 5LB

0203 662 4486 bikeztube118@gmail.com

About us

We are a small family bicycle shop based in north london located between archway and tufnel park.

BikeZtube provides a range of bikes and bike accessories from well-known brands, in competitive prices. Pre sales and after sales advice and maintenance is provided by knowledgeable staff always with a big smile.Our focus is to make people fall in love with their bicycles so they will never throw them in a shed for years and years.We can repair any kind of damage so your bicycle will be brought back to life or you can choose one from our wide range of new or used bikes.

Searching for components old or new will not be a problem either. We have any kind of spare parts and components and if you want something more specialized or rare we can order it for you and in a couple of days it will be here. 

We are located in Junction Road between Archway and Tufnell park stations so if you live nearby we would be happy to service you.

Any type of biker and any type of bicycle is welcome to¬†BikeZtube as we don’t focus on a single category of bike.

For people who have bicycles in their everyday life and cannot travel around without them and their bikes must stay in the shop for several days we have solution.We can give you one of our courtesy bikes which we service and check them regularly, just because we know how bumped up you can feel about changing your routine in commuting and be unable to ride a bike.


Business Opening Hours


Call us on : 020 3662 4486